Tuesday, 31 Jul 2012

Where is a Good Place to Talk About MMORPG’s?

Free MMORPG Game - MMORPG Online Game - Mafia MMORPG - MafiaCorruptionI have recently become really involved in MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games). When I was younger I played Everquest and Everquest II a lot, but I had to quit cold turkey because that was really effecting the rest of my life. I had to focus more on school and my girlfriend instead. Now I am really bored because of my job. I am working in the Alberta Oil Sand fields and this means I spend two weeks at a time living in a shack (it is sort of like a shipping container actually) that is literally out in the middle of nowhere. I love it when I get off time at home and the pay is great, especially compared to being unemployed like I was for a long time. However I have no real entertainment outside of my laptop.

I am looking to figure out if I can afford a good gaming laptop which will play the newest games and what games I should be buying on Steam. It has been awhile since I was able to devote a lot of time to gaming and so I need to get back up to speed. Of course I have plenty of time now. Another problem I have is that we use satellite internet out here. It is better than nothing, but it is not fast enough for playing a lot of games. If the server messes up it really gets to me, since then I am getting it on both ends of the deal. Right now I am playing Lord of the Rings Online, but I think that I am getting a little bored with it and so I want to figure out what game I want to try next. I really have been having problems with leveling in LOTRO and it is boring when you keep getting killed.

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