Tuesday, 31 Jul 2012

My World of Warcraft Addiction

 ... MMORPG Forums -- New MMORPGs,Hot MMORPGs,General MMORPG,MMORPG Pub I have played a lot of MMORPG’s over the years. More than I actually care to admit. It is quite amazing how far they have come along since the Everquest days. Games now have a lot better graphics, more challenges and seem to be attracting a lot more diversity in the players. I have to say one of the best mmorpg’s I have played and still play to this day is World of Warcraft. There have been some other that are close to the top of my list, but I keep going back after 7 years of playing it.

When I first started playing it, I was able to play it on a dial up connection. Obviously, that is not even remotely possible anymore since everything in the game keeps getting better. You need a pretty good video card to play it properly, too. One of the best things about the game is there is a lot to do and can be fun for all ages. There is raiding, player versus player and solo play. I have done all at one point just to change it up and it stays interesting to me. Raiding can be pretty intense and serious, though so I would not recommend it for someone who just wants to be a casual player. Casual players are better off doing some player versus player or just doing quests and leveling up. There are quite a few rare finds that only comes from drops off of rare monsters you kill in the game. It offers something for every person out there. They have quite a few expansions to the original so game play is always changing. I have read that this year Blizzard, the maker of World of Warcraft, will be releasing its final expansion for the game. Kinda sad, really, but I have enjoyed it for far longer than I should have already. If anyone is looking for a game to pass some time and have some fun, I would definitely suggest giving it a try. It does have a monthly fee, but it is more than worth it.

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