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I Had to Go to Court Today

In fact the entire thing was a huge waste of time and I really wonder why it happened at all. If you witness a murder or a bank robbery, then it seems pretty obvious that they should be able to haul you in the court and make you tell the judge and jury everything that [...]

They Are the Only Salon I Use Now

I am pretty picky when it comes to my hair, mostly because it is so thin. If I don’t have it done in just the right way, then my scalp can be seen. I know there are procedures that can help me with that, but I choose to just use a stylist than can help [...]

Planning My Cousin’s Bachelor Party

I have been put in charge of planning my cousin’s bachelor party. The big thing is to know how much money is going to be available and how many guys are going to show up. Fortunately we pretty much have a sponsor, or in fact a few of the guests are pretty much wealthy enough [...]

Frontier Communications Services the Indiana Area

Frontier broadband internet offers many different service packages and Indiana is one of the 27 states that are covered by Frontier. They offer many high speed internet packages for users and also offer bundles that can save the user time and money. If you are in need of high speed, reliable and secure internet connection [...]

The Way Internet Speeds Impact the Experience

It is increasingly hard to imagine any household going without the internet, but there are still many people out there that have held out. The fact of the matter is that people can still live without the internet, but it is an amazingly powerful tool that can provide so many things that were never imagined [...]

Trying to Learn How to Program Apps

I started thinking about this sort of randomly. I was in the library at school and there was this kid who was messing around with Real Racing 3 cheats. That is a game that you play on your smart phone of course. For some reason I got to thinking about whether or not I could [...]

Where is a Good Place to Talk About MMORPG’s?

I have recently become really involved in MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games). When I was younger I played Everquest and Everquest II a lot, but I had to quit cold turkey because that was really effecting the rest of my life. I had to focus more on school and my girlfriend instead. Now I [...]

My World of Warcraft Addiction

I have played a lot of MMORPG’s over the years. More than I actually care to admit. It is quite amazing how far they have come along since the Everquest days. Games now have a lot better graphics, more challenges and seem to be attracting a lot more diversity in the players. I have to [...]